Artist Statement

My current work started after thinking about Arthur Dove.  --Really, a feeling for it--work about shape, sound and color. 

I always wanted to be an abstract expressionist, but could never find a way to keep up that pace.  So I've searched for artists who use paint to slow the process down--Ryder, Dubuffet,Arnulf Rainer, Terry Winters.  Like them, I  use paint to slow down the picture-- a process random and deliberate--to find strange ways for exploring nature.

My paintings begin with drawings or another artist I can steal from--the kernel of an idea, a starting point to grow the painting from.  It might start from a line or a circle, some patch of color.  Moving from there in a direction, sometimes right, sometimes a detour--a back and forth, add and subtract--just keep painting.  Taking out what seems fluffy or decorative.  Hopefully at the end, a painting has appeared out of what's left.

Simple, slow, a working thing.  Not an easy way out.  Not a version of something already made before.  Abstract or sometimes figurative--an external study of a feeling inside or an idea that exists in the object itself.