Artist Statement

For me as an artist, past, present and future can become one time.  Artists of the past constantly look over my shoulder.  They speak--but I have to write my own speech.  They show me how to see--but I have to make my own vision.  Hope is always in the past and always now.

My paintings are about looking into myself and looking out into the world to see what things may be and to find a way forward.

I begin with drawings or a photograph--a kernel of an idea, a starting point to grow a painting from.  Moving from there in a direction, sometimes right, sometimes a detour--back and forth, add and subtract--just keep working.  Hoping at the end, a painting will appear out of what is left.

Some parts of the paintings move while others sit quietly.  Stories about color, a dream, a passing glance.  I use paint to slow down the picture--a process both random and deliberate--finding new ways to explore.